The runaway – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Celebrating her birthday

Today I wake up with a clear mind. Today is her birthday and I bought some decorations incase she comes home. I set up the blue frosted cupcake with a single candle on the top. I get the party hat and sit there on the kitchen stool. My sister comes out of her bedroom looking grumpy.

What on earth are you doing at 7:30am in the morning!” She said and then yawned. She rubbed her eyes and looked around. The sight might upset her but I still sit there looking to see If she will cry.

Can I wait here with you?” She said in a hopeful tone. I nod and pat the empty stool next to me and hand her a party hat. She puts it on and we sit there in silence. No words are said but I see in her eyes that she has faith.

And we wait…
“ Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.” I hear a whisper and turn my head to see my sister emotionless.

Unknown Pov

I run as fast as I can out of there, tripping over a few times and not looking back. I lost count of how many years it has been but I just raced straight for the alleyway in front of me. I hear loud footsteps behind me as I jump in a trash can and stay still. It’s so dark and the smell is ridiculous in here.

I can hear the footsteps stop for a moment then walk away. I am out of breathe.

Phew! After all these years I am finally free!

Thanks for reading!

-Peri xxxx

The runaway – Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Sis, can you help me find my shoes!” I shout my sisters nickname and it echoes across the house,silence. I walk into all of the rooms when I find my sister crying on her bed. Its just another nightmare that she is having, I go up to her and pull her in for a hug as she sobs into my denim jacket.

She has been having these nightmares for years now and they still keep her crying. Every night I have to deal with this! And where are my parents.. well they are not here often because they are out with their new jobs. Which is annoying a lot of the times because I have to be responsible for everything with my sister. She looks up at me and smiles as she pets our scruffy dog and sniffs.

Did you have a bad dream again?” I whisper. She nods and I try to comfort her like every other day. She has been seeing a therapist but what does that do? Absolutely nothing! I’m starting to think that she won’t ever stop having these dreams which I can’t blame her because it actually happened.

Ringing fills my ears as the phone starts to light up.Walking up to it and picking it up I am pretty sure I can guess who it is. Wait no, thats not who I… no, no. Just another false alarm.

Hey sweetie” I hear my dads tired voice across the line. He probably just got in the car ready to head home. 

Hey dad, what do you need” I ask. He then goes on to ask me if I want anything from the shops.

Yeah we need some more pancake mix and dog food.”

After I put the phone down the fridge calls my name and my stomach by this point is about to grumble so I grab the handle when something catches my eye. News paper clippings from ‘that day’. Our bench is full of spread out news papers from ‘that day’. The faces, the photos, the memories. I break down fully in tears as I sob and slowly fall to the floor.  I reach out for a tissue but grab a newspaper instead. Through my blurry eyes I see my parents sad faces on the tear stained paper.

I fold it up and put it in my pocket as I wipe my tears away.

I don’t know why but I thought it might be useful one day.

(Thanks for reading my first chapter of ‘The runaway’ please make sure to comment on what your thoughts are.)

-Peri xxxx

Term 2 of year 7 starting tomorrow!

Hey guys,

Today is the last day of our 2 week holidays and I am a little excited to go back. We get to wear our senior school winter uniforms for the first time (other than trying it on). And we get most of our test results back that we did last term which I am a kind of nervous but happy that we finally get to see how we did. I am also excited to see my friends that I haven’t seen all holidays again! 😀

And a little reminder, I know I have promised to post another story on my blog and I will be posting it in a couple of days which I am so happy about! I am nearly finished editing chapter 1. It is not a CYOA but I am still glad that I can put some of my writing up and that it can go how I imagine it to go. Even though doing the CYOA was fun that was for year 6 work.

I also might start making blog posts for ‘quote of the month’. I just think it would be fun and new. So leave a comment on your thoughts or if you have any quotes you would like me to post.

Tonight I am preparing for school and making sure the work that had to be done over the holidays is good to go.

Have a good day!

-Peri xxxx

Busy with homework and short story?

Hey guys,

I’m alive, don’t worry! I have Just had A LOT of assignments and tests because it is the last week of term. Yes the first term is almost over! Its gone surprisingly fast but also so much work because I guess the teachers just want to see what we are good at and if we can get our homework in on time.

Homework has been exhausting and I have not had time to update lately but of course as the year goes on it will be a little more harder to post so sorry about that, but you can expect monthly posts.

If you have read my last blog post then you would have seen that I said I would write another short story like my CYOA that I did last year. But I am really struggling with ideas that have not already been come up with so please, if you guys have any suggestions for the storyline, characters or setting of the story that would be amazing! Plus recently I have entered a short story writing comp so I am hoping for the best!

And if you had not seen my bible verse of the week last week it was suggested by Elspeth so thanks! 🙂 
Remember if you guys want to tell me a bible verse that you have in mind there is a page for the suggestions.

Sorry if this post wasn’t interesting but the story will hopefully be up and running soon!

Have a great day!

-Peri xxxx

New story?

Hey guys,

I was thinking that maybe I could start posting a new story on my blog that I could write. If you guys would like to see that happen comment down below! Or if you have any other suggestions because I would love to see them all. 😀

Have a great day!

-Peri xxxx

Camp Y7!

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven’t updated in a while I have been busy with homework lately.

2 weeks ago I had camp and it was the best camp I have been on so far! We went kayaking , beach walks and we did surfing and I stood up on the board, swimming, making our own dinner, picking up starfish learning about aboriginals and more!

-The first night my group that was about 17 girls camped in tents with 2 people. We had to build our own tents too! It was a challenge but also fun. There were also some snakes around when we camped and one went near our tent. But luckily I was half asleep when I heard it happening.  
We also made our own spaghetti in a smaller group of girls and it was surprisingly nice! The sleep in the tent was a little uncomfortable but I did get some sleep. It didn’t really help that almost all of the toilets were flooded and there was 1 toilet and about 80 girls.

-The second day was really fun we got to go surfing and had a competition at the beach with our group. And the competition was that who can make the the best sand sculpture or sand art on the beach. After that we unpacked into a motel that we stayed in that night and I had very a comfortable sleep.

-On the last day our group went kayaking and we went for a walk in a rainforest with lyre birds and massive trees!

In the end I had lots of fun on camp! I have made new experiences, made new friends and learned more people’s names!

Have a great day!

-Peri xxxx

Swimming carnival! :)

Hey guys,

Sorry if I haven’t updated in awhile I have been busy with school. School has been great,we are getting more homework but it is still fun.

We had the swimming carnival yesterday and it was fun! Even though I didn’t get into any races I still enjoyed cheering on all of my friends and my house. Everyone did so well and I can’t believe how fast some people swam!

Sorry about how short this update is. I promise I will post more next month I will find more stuff to blog about!

Post a comment on what you guys want me to post about. 🙂

Have a great day!

-Peri xxxx

House music drama and more!

Hey guys,

So this is a update on my school life. The first week of year 7 classes has gone by , and let me just tell you that is was so tiring and stressing! The stress mostly came from trying to get to classes on time without getting lost. And we have had a little bit of homework but nothing too serious so far.

I made lots of new friends last week. And it wasn’t as hard as I thought. But now the challenge is to try and remember peoples names! 😛 There were a lot of other challenges too, for example; trying to figure out how to unlock your lock for your locker. It took taken me awhile trying to remember my code.

All of last week all of the houses were practising a play for a thing called House music drama at our school. But House music drama is only for the girls who are in high school and it only happens once a year. All of the houses had to make up and perform a play around the theme. The theme was cards. Cuthbert got hearts for example, our play was about a character called cupid breaking up couples then being in being in love! All of the year 7’s had to participate in singing the end song! And it was so fun to work together as one house!

There were 3 judges and Preston won! Their play was very good! It was about the son of a country club owner not going by what everyone tells him and doing what he wants. In the play the mother of the son was the owner of the country club and was setting up a ball. The son had to pick a date and instead of going out with what everyone at the country club was telling him to go to the ball with, he met a nice and genuine girl instead and chose her! Well done Preston and all of the other houses with there great effort!

Have a good day!

-Peri xxxx

New poll!

Hey guys,

I put up a new poll you can do on my ‘Perispeaks poll’ page above. I can’t wait to see the results! And in the comments tell me what poll you want me to do next.

Have a great week!

-Peri xxxx